Welcome to my Garden Railroad.

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"Garden Railroads", as they are called, are also known as "G" scale. They are generally 1:29 scale or 1:32 scale, but can also be 1:24, 1:22.5 or 1:20.3 scale. They are too big to build a layout indoors and most are found in the backyard of a model railroad enthusiast. They are weather-proof. So far I have about 300 feet of track in my backyard. When complete, I will have about 450 feet of track. The track is 45mm (almost 2 inches) between the rails. Engines can be as long as 57 inches and weigh around 80 lbs. Box cars are about 19 to 20 inches long. For steam engines, 4-6-0 means there are 4 small pilot wheels in front and 6 big driver wheels. A 4-8-4 would be 4 pilot wheels, 8 big driver wheels and 4 more small wheels under the engineers cab.

PHOTOS and VIDEOS  (scroll down)


I modified the 4-6-0 Rio Grande Southern and installed the Phoenix P8 Sound System, the NEC D808 DCC (Digital Command Control) decoder and Proline Pulsed Smoke unit. All the experts told me I would not be able to make this electronic configuration work. I figured a way to do it anyway!

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Rio Grande Southern       modifying the engine                                              New York Central
Mogul 4-6-0                                                                                                          Hudson - J1e
1:22.5 scale engine                                                                                                           2-6-4


   Rio Grande            modifying the K27
   K27  2-8-2            with sound and smoke


VIDEOS    -   wmv files

Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "BigBoy" by USA Trains     (Summer of 2012)

This engine is almost 5 feet long and weighs 81 pounds. It's 100% die cast metal.             click this picture to see large image of my layout with the "BigBoy" pictured.

5 Videos w/engine sound   (about 40 sec. to 1-1/2 min. each)
< This video is about 2 min. 46 sec. and shows my entire backyard layout so far.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Time to start adding buildings and other landscaping like dwarf trees. 7-15-2012


Rio Grande - Mogul, 4-6-0 Videos    (Winter of 2011)

   about 1 min.                                                "4-6-0 Drive By"  video                                              "Bridge 1"   video                                                "Bridge 2"   video
click picture to watch video

              "Rio Grande 4-6-0 Pulling Out"                        "Rio Grande 4-6-0 Crosses Bridge"                    "Another Drive-By"  12 cars and a caboose

       "Rio Grande on Trestle"  - Summer 2012


Rio Grande - K27,  2-8-2 Videos   (winter 2011)

      "K27 Indoor smoke demo video"                   "K27 Pulling Out" video                             "Bridge 1"   video                                       "Bridge 2"   video


New York Central - Hudson J1e, 2-6-4 Videos  (winter 2011)

       "The Hudson in a cool drive-by"                       "Hudson cruising by"                              "Crossing the Bridge pt. 2"

The following is a video taken after I removed the original Phoenix 2k2 Sound System and the NCE D808 DCC decoder. I installed the Zimo MX695KV Sound decoder with the Proline Pulsating Smoke Generator. This is way better smoke action with great sound too.

Indoor test run with new MX695 decoder and Proline Smoke generator


Union Pacific SD45 Clearing Snow

Snow Plow video 1                                    Snow Plow video 2

I'll be adding more photos and videos as my Garden Railroad progresses.